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How we got here

Who we are

Ciao! We are Chiara and Tommaso, a couple of psychologist who, several years ago, embarked on a journey from the splendid Florence to the heart of the Tuscan countryside, driven by our love for its traditions and the allure of new adventures. Our affection for this beautiful land led us to breathe new life into our family’s 18th-century villa, meticulously remodeling and modernizing it to create a warm and inviting retreat for travelers from near and far.

In the continuous evolution of Villa Vianci, which began welcoming guests from all corners of the world since 1986, we have specialized in hosting vacations that bring together families and friends, aiming to create an environment where unforgettable moments are not just made, but deeply felt and shared.

What is Vianci

Your home away in Tuscany

Seeking a hideaway nestled in Tuscany's countryside? The villa offers an exclusive retreat for up to 14 guests, perfect for families or groups seeking a blend of tradition and comfort.

The renovation & opening

Immersed in centuries of tradition, Villa Vianci melds the elegance of its past with today’s comforts. Restored to its former grandeur, it offers spacious rooms, high ceilings, and classic eighteenth-century furnishings, set against a breathtaking valley view. This historic haven has been a cherished backdrop for our own life’s milestones, including our wedding and the arrival of our daughters. Our personal journey with the villa inspires a continuous evolution in hospitality, where every guest is invited to experience the serene, nature-connected lifestyle of Tuscany.

Promoting E.A.T. for Learning and Traditions

E.A.T., standing for Education, Agriculture, and Tourism, represents the three pillars on which Villa Vianci’s mission is founded. This project seamlessly integrates these elements to offer a fulfilling and comprehensive holiday experience. Guests at Villa Vianci have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture, learn sustainable farming practices, and enjoy the natural and historical beauty of the area.


Education Insight

Beyond acquiring knowledge, it’s about understanding the rules of a landscape, the reasons behind evolutions, and the establishment of certain practices.


Agriculture Harmony

More than just sustainable farming, it’s about recognizing the synergy between crops and land conservation, where each supports the other.


Travel Depth

Not just tourism, but a journey of discovery and savoring a different culture, enhancing the understanding of one’s own.

How we got here
E.A.T. Project